Shaygan Kheradpir Has Made His Mark In Business And Technology

It takes great skill, superior training, a quality education, creativity, and an eye for detail to succeed as a business and technology executive today. Shaygan Kheradpir has all these things and more. This international man not only has electrical engineering degrees on the bachelors, masters and PhD level from Cornell University, he also has a knack for problem solving and excellent people skills. This combination has enabled him to do exceptionally well on the highest levels of business and make valuable contributions to companies like Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks.

Shaygan Kheradpir on arnnet experienced quite a few different cultures. He was born in London, England, spent several years in Iran, attended a Swiss high school, and went to college in the United States. All of this has helped to give him a perspective on the world few people can match. But it is his seeming natural aptitude for technology and business that has allowed him to make significant contributions to companies like Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Networks and make his name as an incredible business and technology executive.

When he started his professional career with Verizon, Kheradpir had an almost immediate impact. His work in network control, routing, and management led Verizon to quickly promote him to Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer. In that position he was able to guide 7,000 workers in the development of Verizon One, Iobi, and several other new products. He also broke them down into teams which enabled them to more efficiently provide support for Verizon’s IT systems, modify new technologies, and deploy the company’s FiOS system. In his 11 years at Verizon Kheradpir is also credited with negotiating with vendors to reduce the company’s spending on technology by more than 25%, improving IT asset utilization, and outsourcing many contract programming positions to India.

Shaygan Kheradpir left Verizon to become the Chief Operating Officer of Barclays, the global business and retail bank. He remained with Barclays from 2011 to 2013. During that time Kheradpir helped to develop the company’s Transform program and Pingit mobile money system. The company was so impressed with his work, they gave him the additional title of Chief Technology Officer and made him a member of the Barclays executive time. He was the first technology executive to ever hold such a position with the company.

January 2014 saw Shaygan Kheradpir starting a new job. He was hired as CEO of Juniper Networks. Kheradpir hit the ground running. He quickly assessed the company’s situation and identified lingering problems that had been hampering their productivity and growth. To solve those problems he created an Integrated Operating Plan. The plan called for the buying back of stock, reducing expenses, and increasing the size of investors’ dividends. Nine months later with the company back on track, Kheradpir left to become CEO of Coriant.

Aside from his work in business and technology, Kheradpir is a member of the engineer council of Cornell University and was on the YMCA of Greater New York’s advisory board.

Highly Skilled Businessman Bruce Levenson

The field of business is one that many people look to for leadership. Those who are able to enter this field and succeed are those who are often able to demonstrate many important qualities. Someone who can do well here is often someone who understands many areas of knowledge including that of law, finance, publishing, personal interaction and company management techniques. A successful businessman will often be called on to assume many varied roles including that of finance manager, legal representative, advertising executive and employee relationship expert. Those who do so can expect to have a great deal of fiscal success in this field.

One such person is Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson is a multi-talented business executive with an impressive background in many varied fields. His work has helped pave the way for better results in multiple fields including that of sports management, business communications and the field of contemporary charity. Under his skilled leadership, many of his employees have enjoyed ample opportunity for growth and the chance to be part of his impressive empire of businesses. They have also have the chance to work with someone who is fully committed to making the world a better place with his numerous charitable actions and his work in helping people in America understand history better and have the same kind of access to educational opportunity that he has enjoyed.

Levenson is a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland, an affluent suburb of Washington, D.C. This suburb provides people living there with the chance to be able enjoy easy access to one of the nation’s most important cites as well as the chance to live in a house with a big backyard and good schools. Levenson grew up here and learned a great deal about the kind of needs that people have when communicating with each other. He left the region in order to attend Washington University in Saint Louis. While at this prestigious university, he decided to attend law school to further complete his education and expand his understanding of the world. His academic work was excellent and allowed him to get into law school. Levenson returned to this region in order to earn a law degree from American University. While attending law school, he began to realize the importance of the growing field of communications in people’s lives.

After graduation, Levenson turned his talents to the field of communications and co-founded the United Communications Group. His work here has been heavily focused on providing for the needs of his clients who seek out the kind of help they need in order to conduct business in various fields in the modern world. Under his leadership, the United Communications Group has become one the world’s most important firms. His work has also included various charitable efforts including helping to provide Washington locals with the chance to be able to gain work experience and interact with mentors in various fields to discover their particular talents and abilities while preparing to enter the adult work world.

The History of Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that deals with the manufacturing and selling ceiling tiles and panels. The company was founded in 1951 and was the first Brazilian company that used eucalyptus as a raw material. The company was also concerned about the environment. It began by producing soft boards but after a short period of time it started manufacturing ceiling tiles as well as panels. In the years between 1956 and 1965, the company started spreading its offices in several capitals of Brazil. The company also increased its production capacity around that period. The increase in production enabled the company to start exporting panels and ceiling tiles to Europe in 1965.

Eucatex started diversifying its productions by starting a new mill for the production of hard board. It continually expanded by opening new offices in places such as Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico and in USA. As a way of diversification the company started to manufacture paints which it initially used to coat the acoustic ceiling tiles as well as panels. By the end of 1980, the company was already exporting its products to more than fifty countries. The company was also involved in the environmental actions where it invested in land and reforestation to enable sufficient supply of its raw material which was mainly the eucalyptus.

In the efforts to diversify their products, Eucatex developed a whole line of paints and varnishes in their laboratories. In the year 1996, it began the manufacture of MDP panels. The company owns a sixteen percent market share attributed to the production of MDP panels. Around this time the company gained popularity globally and became the first Brazilian company from the industry to receive the certification ISO 9001. The company started advancing by manufacturing panels of high technology and other products for the furniture sector. By 2011, the company was already the market leader in the production of wall partitions, doors, MDP panels, hardboards, varnishes and paints in Brazil.

Flavio Maluf is the owner and the chief executive officer of Eucatex Company. He has experience in mechanical engineering as well as entrepreneurship. He has worked with the company since 1987. He has focused his attention in on innovation and ensuring the protection of the environment. He has been a great foundation in steering Eucatex to achieving its success in the market. He has also participated in community by participating in charity events and volunteers.

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas native and a mother of two twin boys. However, she is also one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons. She’s stunning by appearance, but her customers feel that she is the one who understands their needs and helps them to erase and change things about their body that make them feel uncomfortable.

She practices in Austin, Texas and chooses to remain close to her family ties. She has had ample experience in being a plastic surgeon, as she did her fellowship in New York and was on the board for some cutting edge treatments. One of the things that drawl so many people to her offices is the fact that she utilizes equipment that allows them to see themselves after the procedure, before she even makes one cut. She is world renowned and has earned many awards for her precision and classical work.

Dr. Walden has been featured on many television shows, including Doctor 90210. She has acted as a commentator and has given advice to people about changing their bodies for the better. Jennifer is not afraid to turn a customer away too. She wants what is best for the customer. She is careful to avoid customers who want to cut and sculpt constantly. Her goal is to maintain a natural look while making sure that her patient is safe and satisfied.

Her business has grown so much that she opened a satellite office in 2014 to accommodate all the patients. Though she is in Texas, she sees people from all over the world at her local clinics. She wants to ensure that her name is regarding with high esteem for quality work. She stays ahead of the technological curve and is always implementing new and exciting ways to help her patients. She is by far one of the best plastic surgeons around.

American Men Can Find Some Great Women On AnastasiaDate

One would think that it’d be a lot of fun to join a dating website and look for a date, but not everyone is enjoying themselves when they join a dating website. If a person found a dating website that made a promise to find them a date, and months have passed and nothing has happened, then it’s unlikely that they’re having fun. It’s very likely that the person will move away from that dating site and find another one that may be able to find them a date. The person may not understand that it’s not always the site, why a person can’t find a date, but it could be the type of person that they are.

It’s possible that the person looking for date is looking for women that may not be on the site they are searching on, or they may have certain tastes in women that cannot be satisfied with the website that may have joined. If a man is looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman, it makes very little sense to join many of the American dating sites because they may not have these type of women available. To find a truly unique and beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman a man would need to join an international dating site that can hook them up with these types of women.

Although there are many different kinds of women on all dating websites, those who have a specific taste for Russian and Ukrainian women will find themselves more at home on the AnastasiaDate website. AnastasiaDate only specializes in Russian and Ukranian women as well as a few other types of women on the site. Many men have gone to the site in order to look for these beautiful women, and a lot of them have had higher success rates when it comes to finding a date, especially when it comes to finding love. Some have been able to go on to get married to the same women they meet on the AnastasiaDate site.

AnastasiaDate loves catering to their customers, and they’ve made the website as safe and secure as possible. Not only is there fraud protection on the website, but the website also has a great search engine, and the search engine will help any man find the right woman. Those that join the website will pay no fee to join, and they can begin searching for a lady right away. Creating a profile is a must, but that takes a matter of minutes, and adding a picture will definitely help any man to have a better chance of securing a date on the website. The man can then search through the thousands of women available on the site to see if they can find a date.

Susan McGalla and Minority Groups

The best way to overcome differences is to make peace with them and treat it as if it doesn’t exist. While there are differences in every group, it is important to recognize the differences in each individuals. One of the problems that minority groups face is the idea that any two people are the exact same. There are differences in everyone. Susan McGalla of prnewswire realizes that. This is why she ignores any type of differences such as gender differences when she addresses people and gives advice on how to succeed in their own pursuits. This makes Susan McGalla someone to look up to as an example of overcoming.

One thing that Susan McGalla understands is that every single person is different. There are no groups where people are the exact same. She also understands that everyone has some kind of disadvantage no matter what position and circumstance he or she is born into. Because everyone has his unique set of challenges and disadvantages, each person is able to make a contribution to something. In this case, Susan Does not believe in any special privileges and special treatments on the basis of gender, race, religion, or any other type of difference in certain groups.

Susan McGalla has also gotten her attitude from her upbringing. Her father treated her equally with her brothers. She was not given any special or preferential treatment on the basis of her gender in her family. Her father through his example has taught her about equality and how to treat people as equals. As one would know, people often take their childhoods with them throughout their adulthood. Susan McGalla took that example from her childhood with her and has profited greatly not just for herself, but for plenty of other people of all groups, and walks of life.

Susan McGalla continues to be an example for people to follow. She is one of those who has overcome her obstacles and has inspired people of all walks of life. While she has faced some setbacks, she has pushed through her discouragements. She has built her business and she is one of the best business owners to work under. The fact that she sees people as equals makes her unlikely to play favorites with her employees. Even the employees that give less than stellar performances get an objective review from her without any biases. She also leads her employees by example.

Writing Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia articles should be precise, clear and relevant to the reader. Check articles featured by Wikipedia writers on getyourwiki to have a glance at some of its finest articles. The layout of an article is vital; articles with a proper introduction, defined structure and a proper ending including supportive references are considered the best. First Introduce your topic in the lead section before moving to the main article overview. Sub-headings and titles are preferred on the first part of an article.

Your article should be properly paragraphed, these paragraphs should be short clear and easy to understand. Avoid shorter paragraphs that do not bring any meaning, long paragraphs should also be avoided. If you end up with longer paragraphs, be sure to split them up but ensure that the there is a correct flow within the split paragraphs. When creating headings ensure that your headings are hierarchical. Start with the main heading then move to the subheadings.

Long articles should be avoided; the readers get bored with such articles. Ideally speaking, a standard article should contain not more than 50KB worth of prose. Longer articles should be balanced properly not putting weight on certain pages. Longer articles should be broken into smaller articles to enhance their readability. Wikipedia articles are closely linked to numerous topics on the net; establish proper context through Wikilink since Wikipedia is a compilation of randomly interlinked articles. Links leading to the main page should not be broken; your article should be linked to one or more pages to reduce the chances of your article being orphaned.

Get Your Wiki

When in need of professional editors, Get your wiki will offer a helping hand, just reach out for them. Among the services they offer include professional editing, page creation, and translation. These services are available to everyone from individuals, businesses, non-profit and other notable entities. These team of editors are here top ensure that the quality of your article is at top notch, and your article will be written as per the Wikipedia’s manual of style with the proper formation and reliable-sourced references. It’s guaranteed that your article will be approved since it will be of benefit to Wikipedia. In case your article is taken down, they will fully refund you. This team of professionals will also monitor your created page to avoid damages caused by malicious edits. Wikipedia is an open-source community where everybody can edit different articles, and this can sometimes lead to undesirable consequences. Their translation services are close to none, and they will translate your page into your desired language.

Android Apps at a Glance

Android apps are increasing, and it is become increasingly harder to decide what apps to use. When it comes to socializing most people tend to migrate to the sites that most of their friends are using. This just makes it a lot easier to keep up with your circle of friends. I agreed with this at one time, but then I realized that I didn’t have to keep up with people I already knew on social media. I already know these people so I could just contact them by phone or email. I could even visit them if I wanted to. With this realization I discovered that I didn’t have to limit myself to Facebook and Twitter – the two most popular sites for all of my friends – when it came to social media.

I branched out a little bit and discovered that Snapchat was one of the best websites for a bountiful number of people that have just want to show of pictures and tweet a couple of lines. There are also sites like Tumblr with apps that people can use to edit their pages. This is about the closest thing to a full fledged website. It allows many businesses to connect with customers without actually have a website.

My personal favorite through the years has been Skout. It has become easy for me to build my social circles of new friends because this is completely new ground. None of my friends were on this site, and that was what inspired me to use this app. When I downloaded it I found that the navigation was very simple. I like the app a lot because it was easy to scroll through profiles and find people that were compatible with me. I established some friendships, went on some dates and flirted around a little on Skout. It has been a real good way for me to kill a lot of idle time. I don’t play a whole lot of games on my phone so this has been one of the best alternatives for me.

I check Skout quite a bit. I will usually check it once when I am at work. I will use it for a while during lunch as well. I use it the most at home though. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t check it. That has made me very dependent on Skout, but my dependency is a good thing. I used to be a bit down when some of my friends moved away to go to a different college. I used Skout to help me develop new friendships with people that lived here locally. It has become a great experience that I don’t think I could have accomplished without cool Android apps like Skout.

I really love the fact that there are some people out there in the world that care about my well-being. I have made some valuable friends through apps, and I would not trade these experiences for anything.

Tenets of Professional Health Care Employment

Chiropractics is a growing field, both in clients and practitioners. As people in all sorts of acute and chronic rehabilitation circumstances become more familiar with what a chiropractor does, and how a chiropractor operates, the influx of patients has driven demand through the roof. In order to meet this demand, chiropractic schools are receiving more applicants than ever, and those graduating from chiropractic schools are finding jobs all around the nation. Many chiropractors are utilizing this demand and beginning their own practices, while others join into existing chains in order to gain experience before striking it out on their own.

Many of these chiropractors are following in the footsteps of innovators in the past, who began practices in less optimistic times. One of these practitioners is Brian Torchin, who is known well across the country for not only beginning his own chiropractic center, but for expanding to many locations in three states. He began this rapid ascent to the top as a practitioner of chiropractic medicine, learning what a good employee should be, and how to create return customers. He then utilized this experience to create Health Care Recruitment Counseling. This company provides the best possible staff to healthcare facilities in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida and is branching into other countries as well. He began writing a blog to give advice on how to find competent and successful staff members. Throughout all of his practice and in all his wisdom on the blog, Brain Torchin emphasizes that the patient should come first. The only way for a company to be profitable is for patients to seek out your care, to return as customers and to be satisfied with the price they are paying for your work. While this may seem self-evident, it is even more critical when considering the staff that you are hiring to fill vacancies in your healthcare center. For his expertise in the field and his integrity in business Mr. Torchin has received praise as the best recruiter in the nation from many sources. He handles his clients with honesty and professionalism, perpetually emphasizing his own values in business. He treats his own clients with respect, to maintain return customers, the same way he advises they treat their patients with honesty and respect.

All about Slyce-The Tech Giant

The modern world is experiencing a high rate of technological development. The technology developments are brought about by very talented and innovative technocrats from companies like Slyce Inc. Slyce is a premier product recognition and search firm that operates from Toronto, USA. The firm’s visual recognition tool was launched in the year 2013. The technology company is publicly traded on the high profile TSX Venture Exchange. The company’s visual search technology has the potential to identify products on a picture and let the user buy the item through their smartphone, tablets computers or PCs. In marketing the on-demand services, Slyce has partnered with six out of the leading 20 retailers in the US to use its technology in various mobile applications.

Company History
Slyce was founded in January 2012 by Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell through their business consulting company Business Instincts, which they had earlier founded together. The firm was initially headquartered in Alberta, but later relocated to Toronto. It has satellite offices in Calgary, Nova Scotia and Minneapolis, New Waterford and Minnesota. The tech firm launched the visual product recognition technology in February 2013 during the Mobile World Congress that was held in Barcelona, Spain. The company managed to raise $6 million by December 2013 to acquire Hovr. Hovr is a visual search and recognition startup company. By February 2014, Slyce had made over $10.75 million through its Series A funding. In April 2014, the tech giant announced that it was going public through a merger agreement with Oculus Ventures. Later, that year, Slyce acquired BuyCode, a Tel Aviv-based mobile app development company, for the Pounce shopping mobile app. Slyce also bought Drivetrain Agency, a Minneapolis mobile app developer. After the serial acquisitions, Dan Grigsby, the then Drivetrain CEO joined Slyce as the new chief technology officer. Avital Yachin, the then BuyCode CEO also joined Slyce as the new Chief Product Officer.

Technology Platform
The firm develops visual search and identification tools for larger retailers to utilize on their websites or mobile applications. The company’s visual search tool uses product images to determine what type of product it is. It then evaluates the subject depending on a schema according to the kind of product and its features. Slyce is popularly known as “The Shazam for shopping.”

Popular Slyce Products
Slyce has developed several products that include the Snap-to-Buy consumer product recognition platform. Snap-to-Buy is normally integrated into retailers’ websites to identify market products. The smart application directs users to the websites to buy the identified products. The company also developed other visual search and recognition applications like the Visual Relevancy Engine. The Visual Relevancy Engine compares features of products display similar products. Slyce also has an app that can identify products from images on social media websites.