Avi Weisfogel Introduces Operation Smile

Every child should have the opportunity to embrace a beautiful smile when I see my daughter smile it brightens my heart but at the same time it breaks my heart because I know there are so many children out there who don’t have beautiful smiles because they can’t afford to see the dentist. Every day that I go to my daughter’s daycare I can’t help but thank God for the position I am in to be able to take care of my family without having to worry about how I can take care of her smile and so when I heard what Dr. Avi Weisfogel was doing I couldn’t help but jump on board.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel launched a new campaign on GoFundMe. This new campaign seeks to raise money for those who are unable to receive oral surgical procedures. Operation Smile much like me believes that every child should have the chance to have their smiles taken care of.

If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Weisfogel and his work he is a medical doctor who has long been known for his philanthropic commitment to our country. He believes in equal healthcare and believes no child should have to suffer because of their resources.

If you or someone you knows is in need of work done on their teeth please reach out to Operation Smile. They were created not for you to feel ashamed but for you to know that if you need assistance, assistance is available to you and your family.

Glen Beck’s Soros Smear

Glenn Beck’s Programs
Glenn Beck has devoted three hour-long television programs to what he purported to be an exposé of philanthropist George Soros. Beck suggested that Soros, the prominent investor in liberal causes, is an anti-Semite, a perpetrator of Nazi Holocaust horrors, and an inveterate enemy of the State of Israel. The ugliest untruth Beck uttered about Soros was that age 13 he was “a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps.”

In truth and fact, George Soros Nazi, born in Budapest in 1930, did not help the Nazis murder Hungarian Jews but fled and hid from them and survived only because his resourceful father misleadingly documented the family ethnic identity. After the Nazi defeat came the postwar Hungarian communist dictatorship established and supported by the Soviets, so Soros again fled for freedom, and by 1956 reached New York, where he made himself wealthy in the free markets as a speculative trader in currencies and securities.

George Soros has used his great wealth to finance pro-democracy initiatives in the Soviet bloc and Third World, the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, the Rose Revolution in Georgia, and coups in Slovakia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia, all nonviolent movements against communist autocracies, yet Beck’s program pictured him as an evil manipulator seeking to subvert the American republic and establish a totalitarian global state under his domination.

What Beck Said

Beck said “He [Soros] went around confiscating property of Jewish people” because he enjoyed “helping send the Jews to the death camps.” Beck’s critics describe his characterizations of Soros’ wartime conduct as factually incorrect and all wrong.

It is difficult not to protest when hearing Beck accuse Soros of anti-Semitism merely for having survived Europe’s worst genocide during the summer and fall of 1944. Only the luckiest survived; only by false identities, bribery, and deception was survival possible. Raoul Wallenberg, the great Swedish humanitarian, forged passports and bribed Nazis in Budapest.

Glenn Beck’s smear of George Soros perversely twists his experience with the Nazis, echoing the Hungarian far right, which has made those same charges for years, darkly hinting at a global conspiracy. In Hungary, everyone recognizes the anti-Semitic sentiments driving such falsehoods.

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And Now: Anti-Semitism

Soros and the Open Society

Beck went on to misrepresent the Soros “Open Society” concept. Beck said “At the London School of Economics Soros learned about open society, a world free of nationalities. It is a global replacement for our republic, for all the work our founders did. We must progress past it. We must have a new world order. It is a replacement for the republic.”

Open Society philosopher Karl Popper, an Austrian classical liberal, had a strong influence on George Soros. Before graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952, Soros studied Popper’s critique of totalitarianism, The Open Society and Its Enemies, which argues that societies flourish only with democratic governance, freedom of speech, diversity of opinion, and protection for individual rights and liberties.

Soros opened his first Open Society office in Budapest in 1984. Others soon opened up all over the Soviet empire. On Soros’ 80th birthday, one celebrant said four stalwarts brought down communism, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros.

Beck’s Conspiracy Theory
Like The Protocols of Zion, Beck’s presentation of George Soros identifies a malevolent force furtively operating to take control of human history. Accusing Soros of creating a shadow government, Beck says Soros instigated coups abroad and plans to do the same in the United States. What Soros actually has done is support through his Open Society foundations democracy movements.

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The Midas Legacy, the Ladder to your Success

The Midas Legacy can be likened to a ladder. If you seek help from them, you are on your first step in reaching your success. You are definitely on the right path and will ultimately reach your goal, to achieve greater financial freedom. This research services company focuses on wealth management and it specifically aims to provide assistance on home based individuals who wish to work and earn at the same time.

A series of financial advice and techniques that can be readily applied to everyday life are some of the advantages The Midas Legacy offers to its valued clients. It provides various solutions to people who want to change their current spending habits, patrons who want to improve on managing their finances, and individuals who want to gain financial independence and lead better lives. With The Midas Legacy, it provides a comprehensive, step-by-step training on the things we are all passionate about, working and guiding us in developing our sense of wealth management. The Midas Legacy does not only focus on your financial stability but it also helps you rediscover yourself to be a better person in basically all aspects of your life – personal beliefs, spirituality, self-esteem, happiness, anything that promotes your personal development. All of these great ideas on enhancing yourself can be offered in their book called “The Midas Code”.

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Besides improving one’s self, they can also guide you, together with the benefits of nature, to heal your illnesses. They will give you all the necessary tips about natural products that can help alleviate and cure any disease without additional cost and harmful side effects. A strong testimonial from the publisher, in the name of Jim Samson, has proven that The Midas Legacy has helped him and his wife in curing her from cancer.

The Midas Legacy offers a wide arsenal of literature that you can select from. These books are published by experts and authorities in their field which includes time management, effective financial control, natural treatments to known illnesses and a whole lot more.

Besides the books that they provide, they also share their love to those who are in great need. They organize regular donations to charities. Through these efforts, they are extending their help to families medically, financially, and emotionally.

Sometimes, we need to drop our skepticism and start to have an open mind in everything. Because one day, we do not know, we might miss the bigger chances that can make an impact in our daily lives and ultimately change our future to the right direction. Let us spend our time wisely and create a difference today.

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The 40 In 40 Challenge Worked For Me With NutriMost


I saw a news item about the 40 in 40 challenge from NutriMost, and it was their pledge to help people lose 40 pounds in 40 days using their diet program. The diet program from NutriMost is really unique because it helps people lose a lot of weight without any problem. It puts them in a frame of mind that helps them lose weight, and it worked for me. I started the challenge because I knew that I could stand to lose 40 pounds, and I started the program after checking out their food options.

The food options are really nice because I can cook everything that I see, and the food options work great for me because they make it much easier for me to have a good time eating. I love food, and the food helps me make sure that I have the right balance of food on my plate. I never knew anything about that, but I do now. I have a very good idea of what is going on when I eat, and I use that menu to make sure that I am always making the right decisions. I can eat out with my friends, and I can still fall back on NutriMost Program to learn what to eat.

I learned a lot about my diet, but I also learned how to lose weight. I got the challenge done, and I noticed that I looked just like I wanted to look. I stay on the program today so that I can maintain my weight, and I am very happy with the way it works. I could do this program forever, and I would never be bored. It is a very easy thing to manage, and it is even easier for people like me to eat the right foods.

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Why QNET and SHARP’s Partnership Is Exciting

The world is comprised of several distinct marketplaces. Certainly, those distinctions are quickly eroding. Politics and international agreements are facilitating international trade options unprecedented in recorded history. One of the reasons these partnerships are increasing, allowing markets to bleed into one another and ultimately combine, has to do with technology. Travel has become more convenient then at any other time in human history, as has communication. This has allowed new products and technological developments to spread like wildfire, and on an exponential basis. The only caveat is marketing must be cogently handled. One marketeer who has had exceptional success in the last eighteen years is called QNET.

QNET started in Hong Kong, and has since spread throughout Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, and other countries. QNET specializes in technological innovations designed to increase health and wellness among users. Utilizing a direct-selling approach built on multi-level marketing, QNET has constructed a sustainability expanding business model that, as of May 27th, resulted in a strategic partnership being arranged between themselves and leading technology innovation group SHARP. The product about which the agreement was reached is SHARP’s new Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. Resulting from this agreement, this device will now be co-branded.

I think SHARP’s decision is made from sound business thinking. Close examination of QNET’s influence in the Asian market shows solid representation of multiple products of the health and wellness variety. Increasing QNET’s available offerings with a product from a leading technology company is a win-win situation. Especially in places like Hong Kong, where QNET’s headquarters exist in an environment that virtually requires clean air-filtration, there is a high demand for such innovations. Additionally, the Asian market is one of the largest economic juggernauts in the world. Regardless of the economic egress struggling economies in the region may experience, the population in this part of the world is so substantial that any economy which results from it can’t help but be exceptionally large.

QNET has tapped into a lucrative market with products in high demand, and as a result have spread internationally, ensuring the company’s stability in multiple countries. This indicates market stability, and is yet another reason it makes sense for SHARP to enter into the agreement they have with QNET. Investors are keeping an eye on this partnership, as given both countries’ track history, it seems to indicate good things.

WEN by Chaz is a Different Type of Hair Cleansing System

A young woman contributed an article to the online site of Bustle, in which she provided information about the results she received when using the cleansing conditioner, WEN by Chaz. She begins her article by letting readers know the condition of her hair prior to trying the new hair cleansing product. Her hair lacked body and shine, so she was hoping the product would deliver on its claim and provide her hair with more bounce. The article details her daily results when using WEN for one week. She states how she noticed during the first application of the cleansing product, how much thicker her hair seemed to feel. She discovered the product did work to provide her hair with body, shine and manageability.
A Different Type of Hair Care Product

WEN’s developer Chaz Dean, set out to make a different type of hair cleansing product. After working in the fields of both photography and hair care, he saw the need for a product that would help repair the damage hair receives through styling, coloring and exposure to the environment. After acquiring his own hair salon Mr. Dean began creating his unique hair care system, which he called WEN. The clients who frequented his Bel Air salon began raving about the results they received from the new Wen line.

To further assist people with repairing the different issues they have with their hair, Mr. Dean created different varieties of his WEN cleansing conditioner. Each variety is available at Sephora, it contains a unique blend of botanical elements and herbs. The nutrients from these plant extracts help repair issues such as dryness, dullness, lack of body and even the frizzies. Mr. Dean also expanded his WEN line to include a strength boosting styling crème, a volumizing nourishing mousse and an at-home spa style deep conditioning treatment.

Wen FAQ link: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


The Business Life Of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray who was a founder of CCMP Capital and someone who was considered one of the best equity investor to date, died on March 12th 2015. He was 52 years old, an age where most people would say is much too young. Murray spent an incredible amount of his career in private sector. He was known to many as a business trailblazer. Murray worked for JP Morgan Partners in 1989, working alongside his peers to build up the company.

In 2004 the firm made a bid for Warner Chilcott a pharmaceutical company, edging out the competition such as TPG Capital, a company that buys and hold stocks for individuals and firms, along with a few others. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

This move resulted in some friction with TPG which planned to pull out their investment. This also spurned a name change for JP Morgan Partners to CCMP Capital. Murray became Chief Executive Office in 2007, helping the company raised $3.6 Billion in assets.

Stephen Murray was a graduate of Boston College. Then continued on to Columbia University Business School where he acquired a Masters. In 1984 Murray worked at Manufactures Hanover Corporation as a credit analysis Trainee. He joined Manufacture Hanover Trust Equity Corporation.

This company was eventually acquired by Chemical Bank in 1991 which merged the two companies. Not too long after in 1996 Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan.

He also sat on the board of directors for many leading companies. Companies such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe and Legacy Hospital Partners.

Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist who lend his support to Make-A-Wish foundation, Boston College, the Food Bank of Fairfield County, Stamford Museum and his Alma Mater Columbia University. Murray held a seat on the Board as Vice Chairman at Boston College.

CCMP Capital in a statement said, they remain sadden of the lost of a such a great friend and partner. But,they are very grateful for his positive contributions and hard work in making CCMP such a success. He will never be forgotten. Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

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Why Weight Loss Programs Require An Individualized Approach

Feet aren’t the same size. A “one-size-fits-all” shoe isn’t going to fit the foot of a child, or the gangly pavement-stomper of a basketball player seven and a half feet tall. “one-size-fits-all” generally means “from a statistical perspective, a shoe this size is going to fit most of the buying population”. The thing is, when you’re approaching weight loss, the “buying population” is necessarily a minority–though in America today, that is changing. Regardless, individual metabolic rates, physical activity, and genetic maladies are going to differ per individual. So any weight plan that uses the “one-size-fits-all” mentality is doomed to fail. Certainly, a minority of users will be in the “sweet spot” for weight loss; but most folks who use such a program will just be wasting their time. Drugs, hormones, pre-packaged foods and shakes; these are all unsustainable solutions which will fail more often than not, because they’re not taking a realistic approach to helping people increase their health. Such solutions are taking a “business” approach, and could care less whether their programs are beneficial. That’s where Nutrimost differs.

Nutrimost is a program that uses no drugs, no hormones, and no pre-packaged foods to help people lose weight. It is a program that has been specifically designed for individuals. A professional sits down with those looking to lose weight and tailors a program which is theirs and theirs alone. Through this system, Nutrimost has helped people lose weight on average between a pound a day and five pounds a week. That figure is sustained in multiple states with multiple kinds of people living in them; from Connecticut to Texas, and anywhere in between where the system has been used.

Losing weight isn’t just a vanity thing; it’s a health thing. Excessive weight contributes to diabetes, increases problems like psoriasis, and has been known to cause sleep apnea. Nutrimost helps individuals lose weight, keep it off, and continue through life in a more healthy way. Oftentimes such conditions are entirely curtailed, if not substantially diminished. For those looking to lose weight and increase their health, Nutrimost is a solution that has firm success recommending it.

Why Did Dr. Jennifer Walden Head Back To Texas?

Dr. Jennifer Walden has gone back home to Texas to get her kids closer to family. She has one of the most successful plastic surgery practices in the world, and she took that practice with her to Austin, Texas. The practice is a place where women are invited to find their inner diva, and every woman is given a myriad of options to change their bodies. Some women need something really simple, and other women need something really complicated that will make them feel pretty.

The first thing that all patients should do is come in and talk to Dr. Jennifer about their options. All women need to learn about the different ways they can change their appearance, and it is important for each woman to feel like she has chosen the correct option for her body. Some women need something that is non surgical and easy. Other women need something that is really complex and expensive, and Dr. Jennifer’s office will help women get on the right track for their treatment.

The next step in the process is making an appointment that will help women look great. Women will feel amazing when they choose to change their bodies, and Dr. Jennifer will do every procedure to help women look their best. Women will feel amazing when they are done with their procedures, and they will come back for help with their recovery. Recovery is not complete until Dr. Jennifer has helped every woman in the office make a change to her body, and women who are looking for help with their bodies can ask for anything.

Dr. Jennifer has been doing designer surgeries that make her the best destination for women with specific needs, but she also helps women who are in need of a lot of work. There is work that needs to be done after a woman has lost a lot of weight or had many children. There are scars from injuries that need to be repaired, and women can change their bodies to a form that makes them feel sexy the moment they leave the office.


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The Fast, Effective NutriMost Weight-Loss System

Most people believe that with the combination of diet and exercise they can get rid of their excess weight. While these two elements may result in weight-loss, within a short period of time the weight often comes right back. That is why Dr. Ray Wisniewski, PSc.D created the NutriMost system. The NutriMost system not only helps people to lose weight quickly, the weight stays off. The result is that people look and feel better, usually for the rest of their lives. That’s because when people lose weight using NutriMost this amazing system resets their metabolism and addresses the issues that led to excess weight gain.

Dr. Wisniewski explains that his NutriMost technology works from the inside out. The program begins with a NutriMost scan that identifies the problems that caused the person to gain too much weight. With the guidance of a doctor, a weight-loss program is customized to meet the person’s specific needs. Often the unwanted weight gain is caused by a malfunctioning metabolism, hormonal imbalance, and a build up of toxins in the body. The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System addresses all of those issues and helps the body attain its optimal state of health.

While the average weight-loss system focuses only on diet and exercise, the NutriMost system goes deeper. This enables the NutriMost technology to assist people to quickly lose weight, improve their health, and transform their lives by giving the body exactly what it needs. This personalized weight-loss system uses an exclusive 5 component program designed as a result of decades of research. The result is many users lose 40 pounds or more in just about 6 weeks. The results are permanent because the NutriMost program eliminates hormonal and organ stressors, eliminates toxins, and brings the body into balance using scriptural guidance and cutting-edge science.