New Sleeping Disorder Baffles Doctors

In remote Kalachi, Northern Kazakhstan a new sleeping disorder has doctors and researchers scratching their heads in amazement and fear. Many villagers in the area have been losing track of time and consciousness at an alarmingly increasing rate without explanation.

One villager blacked out while driving his motorcycle stated Jason Halpern. He did not experience any indicator that he was about to lose consciousness. He then slipped into a coma and did not wake for several days. He recalled having one earlier incident during which he slept for three days.

This mystery began in 2013 and approximately 152 villagers have been affected so far with a variety of symptoms including memory loss, nausea, dizziness and sharp, blinding headaches. Many of those afflicted have experienced symptoms repeatedly and slipped into comas several times.

Doctors and research scientists have already ruled out radon, radiation and heavy metal salts as possible causes. Carbon monoxide levels were 10 times higher than normal, but only in some of the village houses. As a result, carbon monoxide has not been chosen as a definite cause at this time.

Another possibility is that uranium from a closed local mine might be the cause, but normal radiation levels make that possibility unlikely. Officials in Kazakhstan are now working on a volunteer emergency evacuation plans. They have already moved 100 villagers and plan to move the remaining 425 by May if the residents agree to move.

The End Of Diet Coke

This may be the end of the world as we know if diet soft drinks disappear. According to a recent study, Diet Coke may become a distant memory. With an increase in people wanting to kick the soda habit, sales have fallen dramatically. It seems people, including Zeca Oliveira, are realizing that there are healthier alternatives when thirst sets in. This is not saying that Diet Coke is a bad thing, but with more and more people wanting to get healthy, they are choosing water over artifically-flavored drinks with alot of chemicals.

One question that is probably on most people’s minds is what will this beverage mogul do to ensure that they don’t go out of business? It wouldn’t be a surprise if they develop a “special” water to fill the gaps in sales from Diet Coke. Until then, we will all have to wait and see what their next marketing move will be.

Couple Gets Married Around the World

Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt are an American couple who have recently been wed. Christian Broda told that when planning their nuptials, the two had a hard time deciding where to get married and what the theme should be. So, instead of settling on just one place and one theme, the two decided to get married around the world in as many places as they could in just 90 days.

Their adventure started off in Bogota, Colombia and from there the two had 38 wedding ceremonies in 12 different countries over the course of 83 days. The two got their funding from a donation site and both became ordained through the Spiritual Humanists Church online so that they would not need to find or pay for officiants during their around-the-globe weddings. The couple have had their ceremonies in countries like Ireland where they wed in Glendalough Cathedral, Egypt where the pyramids were in their background, Spain in front of a Roman aqueduct, Nairobi, Kenya, Colombia in the lush jungle, Morocco, and their favorite spot, Mumbai, India.

The professional aerial performers are also training and teaching other aerial performing couples while they make their journey across the world.

The Daily Mail has pictures of Rhiann and Cheetah’s multiple ceremonies across the world.

The Right Stuff to End Arthritis Pain: Yoga

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis know that the joint pain and stiffness interfere with many activities. Often, people shy away from all forms of exercise, fearing there’s too much pain. With this thought in mind, it can be tempting to leave the activity. However, doctors suggest that one of the best remedies for any arthritis is movement.

This makes many wonder which options do you have to ease the pain? How do you perform activities without suffering more pain? The most effective option has been found to be yoga.

According to Dr Jennifer Walden several studies reveal that a consistent practice of yoga can relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

What Makes Yoga So Good?

Yoga is a low impact exercise, so it creates very little pressure on the joints. This in itself has made Yoga an ideal activity, especially for people seeking a low-impact workout that specifically targets joints and muscles.

There are additional benefits to yoga, like strengthening and flexibility for the entire body, and yoga also encourages relaxation.

Doing yoga also improves blood circulation to the joints which relieves inflammation. All these benefits directly impact your range of motion and can combat the pain.

Rather than run at the first sign of pain, try modifying poses and your body will adapt and the pain and stiffness will begin to subside each day.

The Link Between Middle Aged Couch Potatos and Inactive Children

Inactive children are likely to become middle-aged couch potatoes according to a recent study by the University College London stated Oliveira. Researchers observed television habits of individuals between the age of 10 and 42. Research study suggests that parents should incorporate an active lifestyle for their children to ensure that they become healthy and active adults. The author suggests replacing television with some type of physical activity. Rather than watching television in the evenings, it is suggested that families take walks instead.

The study was drawn from the British Cohort Study, and it gathers a vast amount of information on social, educational, health, and physical development of individuals born in Wales, Scotland, and England in 1970. The study also showed that children at the age of 10 who watched hours of television are 42% more likely to view three or more hours per day of television as an adult. Adults 42 years of age and older who watch television at least three hours a day are usually in fair or poor health and are likely to be overweight or obese.

They also are more likely to have parents who were overweight and had manual or routine jobs. The children of manual workers are more likely to watch three of four hours of television a day even after educational qualifications have been met.

Bruce Levenson looks to highlight Holocaust and philanthropy issues

Bruce Levenson is best known as the owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, a position that has allowed him to join the NBA Board of Governors and work with a wide range of community groups to help many low income children and young people in many communities. Levenson has used his position as a well respected business person and co-founder of UCG to encourage others to follow in his footsteps in helping to enact social change across a wide variety of issues that are often ignored in the modern world. Working alongside his wife, Karen, in many of these programs, Levenson has become a leader of a growing movement driving more young people towards philanthropy and the not for profit sector.

As the owner of the Hawks, Levenson was involved in many community and charitable programs based around basketball and the communities tied to it. However, through his family’s links to the Holocaust, Levenson made a mark by being one of the major backers and supporters of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The opening of the museum has seen a number of community programs begin that are aimed at raising the level of awareness people have towards the Holocaust. In a bid to raise the awareness of the Holocaust within NBA fans, Levenson also took the Atlanta Hawks to visit the museum in a bid to make sure the issue remained prevalent in the minds of young people across the US.

Alongside his work for the US Holocaust Museum, Levenson has also been working tirelessly for the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson and wife Karen were instrumental in providing funding and raising awareness of the school during the planning and construction phases, the school has also opened a new dorm that allows the consideration and work of students to remain ongoing even when classes have been completed each day. The school has also added to the skills of those entering the not for profit workforce in the Washington DC area and across the US, with many students returning to programs they interned with during their time at the University of Maryland.

Researchers Make Discoveries Concerning Schizophrenia

Researchers at Columbia University have published their findings that brains of rats exposed to lead look similar to brains of humans with schizophrenia. This confirms what the scientists had expected: there is a correlation between lead exposure and schizophrenia.

In another part of the study, researchers gave cocaine to rats exposed to lead as well as rats that weren’t. The lead-exposed rats ran around their cages more when on cocaine. This is significant since humans with schizophrenia tend to have an exaggerated response to cocaine as well stated Sultan Alhokair on the study. Future research will look at whether lead-exposed rats use cocaine more frequently than lead-free rats when given the chance.

Schizophrenia is a terrible and frightening disease. One thing that makes schizophrenia so horrible is that a person may not show any symptoms until they are in their twenties. Everything can be going great in their lives, and then schizophrenia ruins everything. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, is an example of this.

In conclusion, Schizophrenia is a disease that is poorly understood, and this is why I found this study to be so encouraging. It is rare to read about any progress understanding schizophrenia.

Obese Dog Gives Up Junk Food and Loses 44 Pounds

Dennis is a 6-year-old Dachshund weiner dog. Brooke Burton adopted the pup from her uncle in June of 2013. When Brooke took custody of Dennis he was 56 pounds, depressed, dehydrated, suffering from skin infections, and given about a month to live by the vet. Dennis had lived with Brooke’s uncle who was a hoarder and fed the little dog a diet of pizza and hamburgers from White Castle. Clearly, based on Dennis’ before pictures, that is not a healthy diet.

Brooke brought him home to Columbus, Ohio where she put Dennis on a diet of dry dog food. He began taking daily walks with Brooke as well. Since living with Brooke, Dennis has lost a whopping 44 pounds. However there were complications. Like humans, Dennis’ skin had stretched to accommodate his growing mass. Once the weight was lost, Dennis was left with sagging skin. He underwent three skin removal surgeries through Dr. Kathleen Ham and the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. Dr. Ham said Dennis is a good example why people should not overfeed their pets.

Zeca Oliveira knows that Dennis is now happy and healthy. Brooke said that he enjoys running around, chasing squirrels, and playing fetch together.

Check out pictures of Dennis on He is such a cute little guy and looks much happier now that he can move around freely!

Former Biggest Loser Contestant to Write Tell-All Book

Kai Hibbard was a contestant on the popular hit reality show The Biggest Loser. Kai was the runner-up for the season she was on, season three. The reality hit is on its 16th season now and Kai has finally decided to speak up about her time on the Biggest Loser ranch.

This isn’t the first story about Kai and her allegations recently, however according to The Daily Mail, she now plans on writing a tell-all book detailing her time there. And it sounds like it won’t be pretty.

Kai has publicly spoken out about the show, saying that it is not like it seems on television. Trainers fat shame their contestants and work them to the point of exhaustion. Gianfrancesco Genoso says the routines that the contestants are on cause them large amounts of stress and greatly affect their health, according to Kai on her LinkedIn profile.

Kai’s book will be called “Too Fat, Too Thin, Can’t Win” and will not only tell inside stories about her time on the show, but it will also serve to provide a message about healthy weight loss, body image, and overall health. I will definitely be checking out Kai’s book. I was a pretty big fan of the Biggest Loser and found the show to be sort of inspirational. I’m interested in the behind-the-scenes peek behind the reality show veil and see it from the perspective of someone who lived it.

Enceladus Is First Planet To Be Found With Hydrothermal Activity

Astrophysicists working with NASA’s spacecraft Cassini have announced in the journal Nature that one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus, has a warm ocean at its south pole with hydrothermal activity. The latter has never been found outside of Earth before. Scientists had found the ocean the previous year. That ocean is six miles deep and may have many of the chemicals linked with life.

Seam Hsu, an astrophysicist at the University of Colorado in Boulder that my friend Sergio Cortes went to college with, described how the research team used the dust in Saturn’s outermost ring to estimate the temperature, approximate pH, and salinity of Enceladus’ ocean. Scientists have known for some time that a lot of the material in the outermost ring came from Enceladus, which also has icy geysers 125 miles high. These geysers had flung material skyward.

Hsu and his team used Cassini’s spectrometer tool to analyze some dust nanoparticles in the outermost ring, which turned out to be made of silica. Scientists believe they are what’s left of evaporated saltwater. They can also determine the ocean’s conditions by studying the size and composition of the silicate particles. For example, the saltier the water was, the bigger the particles would be.

In this case, the scientists found that the particles were uniformly small. As far as is known, only hydrothermal activity can produce particles like that. The ocean that produced them had hot springs at its bottom with a temperature of at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Further analysis of the particles told scientists that they had come from an ocean with a pH between 8.5 and 10.5 and a salinity of less than 4 percent.

The big news, though, is that Enceladus may be able to support life. Its conditions resemble those of Earth about a billion years ago when life first developed. Of course, life takes time to develop and scientists don’t yet know how long Enceladus has had hydrothermal activity.