QNet expands its reach with a Premier League linkup

Multi level marketing companies have been in the news in recent years as increasing numbers of people are looking to work with luxury goods companies involved in direct selling techniques. Founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998, QNet has become one of the top multi level marketing companies in the world in a short time as the high quality goods and personal approach of company CEO Eswaran have driven it to become a major force across Asia and now into Europe. The latest increase in exposure has been announced with a link created between QNet and to English Premier League soccer team Manchester City.

Both QNet and Manchester City share a set of beliefs and values, according to QNet founder Vijay Eswaran. Firstly, the level of success both organizations have achieved has not happened by accident and has been the result of excellent planning and hard work completed by experienced and well trained professionals. Secondly, both QNet and Manchester City are committed to using the link between the companies to increase their brand recognition around the world. The link between the two companies will see QNet using its direct selling techniques to sell Manchester City merchandise and reward customers and employees for their success with access to personal appearances and meet and greets with the players of the soccer team.

QNet has grown into a major multi level marketing force on the back of the high quality of nutrition and personal products sold directly by sales professionals around the world. One of the major attractions QNet CEO Vijay Eswaran states brought the two organizations together was the philanthropic work they both undertake in the local communities. Eswaran and QNet have done a large amount of work to increase the educational opportunities for young people in Malaysia and are excited by the opportunity to complete this form of work alongside the players and staff members of Manchester City Football Club.

What Shapes Who We Are?

A study done around the world for more than five decades, has determined that both nature and nurture play a role in determining our physical and mental selves. I’m not sure why it took so long to conduct this study but the findings, I believe to ring true. With so many outside influences in our society today, we would be hard pressed to deny or even try to stop them from forming parts of our being. Genes and environment according to this study have equal influences in the shaping of lives which can be proven if you have a set of siblings with the same genes but are separated at birth. You will find that their individual upbringing would surely bare differences in who they become, how they behave and their overall makeup. In a recent crunchbase interview, Susan McGalla pointed out how influences are like seeds in the ground, once planted they take root and produce a specific harvest. The research showed some traits are more heritable than others, like a cleft lip in comparison to bipolar disorder, a 98 percentage compared to 70 percent. In the end this research turns out to be very valuable in that knowing traits are influenced by genes as well as environment, we can better understand disorders and have better manageability with them.

Psychology, Is It Even Real?

A British student stumbled across an argument that claimed that Psychology was arguably not a science. Upon further reading, he realized how disassociated Psychology can be among people, both scientists and non-scientists. Critics think that because Psychologists don’t diagnose, treat, and cure patients in a lab, psychology is not a science. The student decided to write his own article that breakdowns Psychology and what it means in the world of science.

The very wise Dr. Jennifer Walden of SuperDoctors describes to us that psychologists cannot diagnose their patients without numerous hours of study, research, and activities that lead to trial and error. Another one of his main topics was the fact that Psychologists cannot use a common sense theory like most people would believe. Every patient and every circumstance is different. Just because a Psychologist may diagnose two patients with having multiple personality disorder, does not mean that they had to take the same method to get there.

Another one of the student’s messages, is that psychologist have to give their unbiased experiences to very human problems. Just like scientists who study bacterial infections cannot imagine what it would be like to be a bacterial infection, Psychologists have to detach from their patients in order to perform their job adequately. Another point, and probably the most vital, is that psychology has a lot to offer other fields of science. Psychology oftentimes records substantial data and practical methods that can be used in other sciences. Vigorous testing, the study of behavior, applying disciplines, and finding value in functional behavior message, are different measures that psychologists use to diagnose ensure patients. Other fields of science could benefit by putting into practice the methods and tactics that psychologists have used for years. The Psychologist student who wrote the article did his best to show a different side of psychology that most people know nothing about. Unless you are a psychologist, it is very rare for people to truly understand the measures that this science goes into shaping humanity.

Does Location Affect Breast Cancer Rates?

With breast cancer rates on the rise many people are starting to think more and more about what could be increasing a person’s risk for developing cancer at some point in their lifetime. Facebook users wrote that one very commonly asked question is whether or not a person’s location of residence can affect their health. More specifically, do women and men who live in an area where nuclear sites are nearby have a higher cancer risk? If the answer was very clear cut as yes, then the government would have to step in and take control of the situation. Real estate would be affected and companies might experience a decline in profits. This could in turn affect the economy. Many people are wondering if these nuclear sites are having an effect but businesses are just covering up the evidence to stay afloat.

A nuclear power station in Bradwell, Essex was the focus of a study that was recently published in Jacobs Journal of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. Breast cancer mortality rates were studied for this general area. While the rates of breast cancer were documented, the issue is proving there is a correlation between breast cancer and nuclear power sites. This is because it is hard to differentiate whether a person was affected by their environment or were they already at a higher risk for developing cancer because of lifestyle choices or genetics. Common sense does kick in though and most people will believe that a nuclear site just simply cannot be good when it comes to health and the potential for developing breast cancer at some point in the future.

Marijuana Edibles A Challenge For Law Enforcement

Police are equipped to find marijuana stashed in vehicles, or even when smothered by scents in your home, but how do you look for edible marijuana?

It’s becoming increasingly tough to recognize cannabis-infused sweets and snacks.

Marijuana is available in so many forms that police can often overlook illegal goodies, and the majority of police are not being trained in edibles.

The legalization of marijuana in several states have encouraged a wide range of products that are still illegal in neighboring states, but that hasn’t stopped THC entrepreneurs from capitalizing on the opportunities.

Last February, police caught onto a marijuana bakery with an industrial-size oven in Ohio according to Igor Cornelsen.

Alabama Postal inspectors seized 50 packages of cannabis-laced candies

400 pounds of marijuana-infused chocolate bars were confiscated by Missouri state troopers.

Marijuana edibles are tough to flag, and law enforcement has to catch up with the times and know what they’re looking for.

Teen who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury to Graduate

Freshman year is tough for many students, but Iowa teen Taylor Hale’s could have been deadly. The teen was only a few weeks into her freshman year in September 2011 when she suffered from a traumatic brain injury. The teen was horsing around with some friends when she slid off of the car hood that she was sitting on. Her head hit the pavement hard, so hard that doctors had declared the girl to be brain dead.

After the accident, she was rushed to the hospital where doctors placed the teen in a medically-induced coma. A week passed while Taylor was in the Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines when she suffered from a brain hemorrhage, leaving her in an even more serious condition. Taylor’s mother said that the doctors told her that her brain was essentially mush at this point. She was told by doctors to say her goodbyes and to make funeral arrangements for her daughter.

However, according to the story on NBCnews.com, the unlikely happened, she began breathing on her own and moving her eyes. Slowly, over the next six weeks, Taylor came back to life. Alexei Beltyukov is glad to know that she is now a healthy 17-year-old who attended, and danced, at her prom. She is also graduating this year. She still has some emotional trauma from the accident but is grateful to have recovered fully.

Woman Opens Up After Brutal Attack

Just three years ago, two Texas teenagers were shot execution-style and left to fend for themselves. Kristene Chapa and her girlfriend Mollie Olgin were a lesbian couple and victims or a horrific hate crime. As the couple went on a date to a local park a man walked by them with a gun. He ordered the two girls to walk down a hill where he blindfolded, sexually assaulted and shot them. The man left both girls for dead. Unfortunately, Olgin did not survive the attack.
Now, three years later Chapa has opened up about the brutal attacks. She was due to speak at the 2015 GLAAD Awards. She recalls spending several weeks after the attack in the hospital. She was unable to speak and unable to move. She could only communicate using sign language or writing people notes. As police were trying to locate her attacker, her being able to communicate was of the utmost importance.
Fortunately, authorities found and arrested her attacker whom is now awaiting trial, which McGalla can get behind. Chapa has had to mourn the loss of her girlfriend and has spent countless hours in physical therapy trying to regain her strength after the attack. She still has a long road to recovery but has made great strides since the incident.
At the 2015 GLAAD Awards, Chapa was honored with a standing ovation and in turn thanked everyone for all the support she has received since the incident occurred.

Couple Delivers 13th Son

A Rockford, MI couple has welcomed their 13th son on May 13. The couple, Jay and Kateri Schwandt, have had 12 sons together: Tyler, 21; Vinny, 10; Charlie, 3,; Luke, 19 months, Drew, 16, Brandon, 14,; Tommy, 11,; Calvin, 8, ; Gabe, 6; Zach, 17; and Wesley, 5. Baby Tucker, of course, is the newest of the bunch.
Baby Tucker was born healthy and weighing in at 8 lbs., 15 oz. He arrived in this world at 9:06 a.m. Tucker’s parents, who are both 40 years of age, were hoping for a girl but figured that it would be another boy. Not only does the couple have a lot of kids, they’ve also accomplished something few others do. Only 1 in 8,000 people would be able to have 13 sons in a row.
The mother is one of 14 children, which is crazy to think about for Genoso. She says that even though she has spent half of her life pregnant, she absolutely loves it and loves big families. Due to the couple’s Roman Catholic heritage they do not believe in the use of birth control. Will the couple stop at lucky number 13 or will there be another Schwandt making headlines in the next few years?

Breakthrough Treatment for Prolonging Life Expectancy of Prostate Cancer Patients

Some very exciting news for prostate cancer patients comes out of a trial performed on patients using a drug called docetaxel. Conducted in Britain and in Switzerland, experts call the outcome “potentially game-changing.”

It has been shown that using chemotherapy drugs on patients suffering with advanced prostate cancer can add almost two years to their lives. And, while docetaxel was typically not used until after hormone therapy had been tried, to no avail, starting treatment with docetaxel earlier on has shown an increase in life expectancy of up to an additional 43-65 months says the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Docetaxel trial results are very promising for the over 40,000 men each year that are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the U.K. One prime example of the incredible results is 77-year old Leicestershire, England resident John Angrave. Seven years ago, he had been given 3-5 years of estimated life left due to prostate cancer. Two years past his expected expiration he says, “I have a good quality of life and I am alive.”

Warwick University Professor Nicholas James was one of the trial’s researchers and urges that docetaxel treatment begin upon diagnosis. Professor Malcom Mason from Cardiff University was a colleague in the trial and agrees with James. Mason went on further to say that this form of treatment had been used for some years, but during more advanced stages and now should be started when hormone therapy begins.

Further monitoring of patients will give more answers as to how much longer the therapy will increase a patient’s life and whether or not the cancer will spread after time according to Bernardo Chua on the OrganoGold Blog. The treatment does have some side effects that doctors consider “manageable.”

Are You a Sugar Addict?

When addiction comes to mind, you may think of drugs or alcohol, but believe it or not there are many people that are addicted to sugar. Sugar is everywhere you turn and can even be found in many things you have no clue about. Did you know that some ketchup, salsa, pasta sauce, and even many Italian dressings are made with sugar? So, it’s not surprising that people find themselves craving sugar. To cut back on your sugar intake and curb your sugar cravings, start eliminating foods that you eat often which contain sugar. Take your time during shopping trips and read the nutrition labels on the products you buy. Healthy people at Amen Clinics know that, even if you don’t see sugar on the label, that doesn’t mean it’s not filled with sugar. Look for other words, like glucose, corn syrup, cane crystals, invert sugar, and corn sweetener. Squeeze more exercise into you schedule and increase the amount of sleep you’re getting. Then, work on eating healthier foods. Opt for healthy fats to fight your sugar cravings. Choose foods like avocado, peanut butter, coconut butter, and nuts. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, make your own sweet treats at home, choosing those that are sugar free instead of your normal sugary favorites.