2 licensed drugs may help patients suffering from dementia

Scientists have found 2 licensed drugs that may help stop the effects of dementia in patients.

The 2 drugs, which scientists are not releasing the names of until after clinical tests can be performed, have shown to halt the brain degeneration in mice. These findings build on research from 2 years ago that showed brain cell death being caused by a faulty signal that stops new proteins being produced. Unfortunately, the compound found to halt this had severe physical side effects including weight loss and diabetes making it unsuitable for human use.

With the findings of these 2 new drugs research can continue to move ahead at an even faster pace. These drugs already being licensed drugs scientists can move to clinical trial on a small, controlled group of patients. How ever, brain scans will be performed to confirm the faulty signal is the same in humans as in the mice before any trials will begin.

This is a huge step forward for people suffering with dementia, if these drugs are proven to work it could add years to the quality of life for already diagnosed patients, and may halt the disease, if found soon enough, all together. Ricardo Tosto will be paying close attention to it all.

Researcher Who Faked HIV Vaccine Results Gets Prison

The researcher who falsified the research report on an HIV/AIDS vaccine, Dong Pyou Han, was sentenced to 4.5 years in jail and $7.2 million penalty.

Han had received a total of $19 million in government funding to study vaccines for the HIV/AIDS virus, but he faked the entire research project. At one point, Han mixed human blood with rabbit blood and passed it off as samples from his clinical trial.

After submitting Han’s research materials to a few experts for reviews, the university discovered his fraud. As other university experts decoded Han’s entire research project, the full magnitude of the fraud was discovered.

There were others on Han’s team that were cleared of the fraud, including team leader, Dr. Michael Cho.

Dr. Cho resigned from his post at the university, as an assistant professor of biomedical studies in October, and he then wrote a letter to The Des Moines Register after the release of the news, without admitting he was aware of the fraud. This was a bit of a risky move according to Dr. Jennifer Walden.

“When it comes to science, integrity comes first and foremost. So, as a scientist, it was very difficult for me to support that a member of my laboratory is committed scientific misconduct,” Cho wrote.

Some Sunscreens Cause Allergic Reactions

Sunscreens are one of the most important products you should have in the summer, but some people are having allergic reactions. If you have allergy-prone skin, you must learn which products works best for you, and which to avoid.

Sunscreens come in two varieties – physical blockers and chemical absorbers.

Physical blockers deflect UV radiation and reflect the dissemination of energy in the environment, and chemical absorbents, on the other hand absorb UV radiation.

Some people suffer from photo-contact dermatitis, often an allergic reaction due to a combination of sunscreen and exposure to UV radiation. The areas that are most prone to a allergic reaction are the lower neck, cheeks and eyes, forearms, upper chest and back of the hands.

According to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, certain chemicals, fragrances and preservatives present in the structure of sunscreen may cause an allergic to those who with sensitive skin.

For those of you who are allergic to products, there are certain chemicals that you need to check on the back of the product before slathering or spraying the sunscreen on.

Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA)

You should also test new creams and sprays on one area to check your reaction.

Half of Deaths from Cancer Caused by Cigarettes

A study published in JAMA says cigarette smoking is responsible for about half of the deaths of twelve types of cancer in the US.

According to this survey, in 2011, 48.5% of the approximately 346,000 deaths from one of twelve types of cancer were recorded that year in over 35 adults due to smoking.

Most of these deaths (74.9%) was due to cancer of the lungs, bronchi and trachea. Cancers of the larynx accounted for 1.7%.

Researchers concluded almost half of the deaths due to cancer of the esophagus, oral cavity and bladder was also a consequence of smoking.

The researchers note that it is important to take targeted and tougher measures to control tobacco products, and smokers are encouraged to quit smoking in order to reduce mortality rates.

Alexei Beltyukov understands that the study involved only cigarettes, not other tobacco products such as cigars or snuff.

More than 20 million Americans have died prematurely because of tobacco in the last 50 years.

A Tip for a New Smile

Dental problems are one of the most overlooked health issues in America and many working individuals can not afford the high costs of even visiting a dentist let alone having any dental work done as well. Many individuals on Blogspot go on about their business and hope that one day they will be able to do something about it but the sad truth is many will not be able to. A heart warming story is coming to us from Kansas of a complete stranger who helped a common waiter get a new smile. Fred Boettcher knew what it was like to have dental issues as he suffered from them severely in his younger years.

That is why when his path came across that of Brian Maixner who lived in daily pain due to dental issues he knew he had to help. Fred generously paid for the $25,000 in surgeries it took for Brian to have a new beautiful smile and live pain free. He did it all because its the right thing to do if you can help. The world needs more people like you Fred Boettcher, you are a true hero in my book.

Gender and Disease

Gender and health issues have always been a peculiar subject. There are some diseases and illnesses that affect more men than women and there are some diseases and illnesses that affect more women and men. One of those illnesses happens to be the neurological illness Alzheimer’s. More than 60 percent of Americans who struggle with Alzheimer’s are female. Scientists have often thought that this was the norm because women tend to live longer than men. After a few years of speculation researchers have decided to test this theory once and for all. Their first step was figuring out if other aspects of womanhood played into women getting the brain illness. Scientists want to study if hormones, genetics, or lifestyle factors might play a role in how women develop the disease. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, a gene that is known for its association to the Alzheimer’s disease is a lot more prevalent in women than in men. The biological influences of the diseases are incredibly numerous and scientists are just now diving into the pile. A team of fifteen scientists got together last month to begin their research and the scientists are relying on charity, volunteerism, and donations to fund their research. The researchers have driven the point of their research home when the touched on how years ago heart disease in women wasn’t studied as it was routinely a male disease. These researchers do not want to make the same mistake.

Dan Newlin becomes #DAN in Innovation Marketing Strategy

Dan Newlin, founding lawyer of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, decided one day that he needed to consider novel methods of advertising his business to the various communities he serves. After a lot of searching he learned about the hashtag, the trendy symbol that’s been used so prolifically within social media for the past five years.

“I knew the pound sign (#) could be used to designate a number and wanted to make it easier for persons in need of legal services to contact the Law Offices of Dan Newlin,” said Newlin. “So the idea of simply dialing #Dan rather than having to remember 10 numeric digits, was conceived.”

Placing a hashtag before a word when posting to social media allows your post to be viewed against all the other ones that hashtagged the same word. It allows users to read posts and articles on specific subjects while also allowing posters to get their work displayed on a wide platform.

Considering the potential of this relatively new marketing strategy, Newlin created #DAN, a shortened dialing code to make him easier to find for current and potential clients. He strongly believes that larger companies need to focus on the most up-to-date trends in social media if they want to continue remain relevant. Because a person today can only remember about seven units at a time, there is little chance for a full phone number to be remembered when mentioned only once in broader conversation. Newlin’s strategy is so effective because of its recognition of this fact, considering that the ability to remember contact information is crucial. In fast-paced situations, it’s a lot easier to remember a hashtag and three letters than a full phone number with an area code.

Getting justice has become that much easier, just call #DAN.

Eating Proteins And Vegables Before Carbs Can Impact Blood Sugar Levels

Mother always said, “Eat everything on your plate,” and while that still holds true today, in what order you eat your food, on your plate, can have an impact on the glucose, and insulin levels, of individuals afflicted with type II diabetes. Research scientists theorize that by consuming certain food groups, in a specific order, may prove beneficial in assisting individuals manage their type II diabetes.

The study was comprised of 11 participants, that consumed a prepared meal of ciabatta bread, chicken breast, green salad and ripe tomatoes, with low-fat dressing, steamed broccoli along with butter, and orange juice twice, on different days, a week apart. During the first week of the study, participants drank orange juice and ate bread, then after 15 minutes, consumed the remaining foods, consisting of fats, vegetables and protein. The next week, they consumed protein, vegetables, and fats first and consumed the carbohydrates 15 minutes later. Glucose levels were recorded, 30 minutes, one hour and two-hour intervals, after all meals. Data revealed that glucose levels were much lower when vegetables, and protein, were consumed prior to the carbohydrates. This is something Madison Street Capital will be keeping an eye on.

Dr. Louis Aronne, of the Weill Cornell Medical College, commented, “Carbohydrates raise blood sugar, but if you tell someone not to eat them, or to drastically cut back, it’s hard for them to comply.” “This study points to an easier way that patients might lower their blood sugar and insulin levels.”

Fat and Cholesterol Are Not as Bad as We Thought

Every few years the government comes out with dietary recommendations for Americans who wish to eat right and stay healthy. These dietary guidelines are expected to be a rather abrupt departure from previous ones in a couple ways. First, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, whose findings influence the final recommendations, has stated that the amount of cholesterol one consumes is not a concern. This follows years of no one being able to prove a causation between eating more high cholesterol foods and having higher levels of cholesterol in the blood. This particular recommendation made news a couple months ago in the form of many headlines proclaiming that eggs would be making a comeback to American breakfast tables. Crystal Hunt wants to see that happen.

A strangely overlooked statement from this advisory committee’s findings was that there is no need to have an upper limit on the consumption of fat. They do recommend limiting the amount of saturated fat one consumes but not fat in general. This is a big change from previous findings about both fat and cholesterol and when the final, official Guidelines come out later this year, they are likely to affect many people’s diets because they influence school lunches and foods covered by food assistance programs for women and children. The government seems to be belatedly waking up to the notion that it’s simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, that are packing pounds on us and causing the obesity epidemic and numerous related health problems.

SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare Again

While the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act yet again, and the President has done his victory dance in the Rose Garden of the White House the fact remains that health care in the United States is not any better today than it was before its implementation five years ago. Roughly the same amount of people are still uninsured, the only difference is that now these people will face fines for not having insurance. If this is what the President had in mind then we should not call this a health care law but an mandatory insurance law. The fact, as Brad Reifler has reported to Market Watch, remains that health care has not become more affordable under this law. The fact remains that the quality of health care has not improved because of this law. There are not more doctors, nurses, hospitals, or providers because of this law.

Truth of the matter is that if we truly want to lower the costs of health care, then we have to do certain things: 1. We have to make college and medical school more available and more affordable. 2. We have to institute real tort reform to lower malpractice insurance that healthcare workers must have to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. 3. We must mandate that what a health care organization charges the insurance company is the same amount they would charge an uninsured person. Republicans may be wondering what they should offer to replace Obama Care, this is probably a good place to start.