Sleep habits and The Risk of Stroke

I overslept and it felt so good!
But wait! Like the perils of delicious fast-food, there is now a link between over-sleeping and stroke.

Here are the facts: A study published in the Neurology journal states that lying abed for more than eight hours per night may increase risk of stroke. In fact, it may increase risk by 46 percent!
Okay! I promise to roll out tomorrow exactly when the alarm goes off.
Not so fast. The issue is a bit more complex than that. Naturally, there might be another causative link to 46 percent higher aptitude for stroke, and Professor Kay-Tee Khaw of the Cambridge Institute of Public Heath posits a possibility. He suggests further research to determine if excessive sleep indicates the risk, and not the cause, of increased possibility for stroke.

Susan McGalla has read that the neurology study included 9,692 adults whose average age was 62. Find more on McGalla on All of them were originally stroke-free, but after 10 years, 346 of these had suffered a stroke. Those who stroked all slept more than eight hours per night.
So the next question might be Professor Khaw’s: Why were adults sleeping more than eight hours per night?

Dr. Alberto Ramos, assistant professor of neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine may provide a key. He suggests that consistent oversleeping might be a symptom of underlying cardiovascular problems.
“Long sleep duration could therefore be a harbinger of stroke through its association with potent cardiovascular risk factors,” he warns.

Meditating To A Better Sleep

A large portion of the United State’s population experiences some sort of issues when it comes to the quality of sleep they experience. For many people these problems happen on a nightly basis while other times it happens more sporadically. Studies have recently shown that following a meditation routine might actually lead to better quality sleep on a nightly basis. Meditation can also help a person remain relaxed and in charge of their minds and bodies during the day as well.

According to Dan Newlin, the study that was conducted and published by the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine, 50 older adults were taught meditation programs that they were going to follow for six weeks at a time. The mindfulness meditation that was taught was going to hopefully help improve the quality of sleep a person would get, how long of stretches would they sleep for and how many hours per night would a person get.

The study concluded after one full year and people who learned the meditation techniques experienced great improvements in sleep quality than those who did not. Insomnia, depression, anxiety and fatigue all improved as well. This process was designed to settle the mind and keep it from wandering which can often keep a person awake or disrupt their sleep throughout the course of a night.


According to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, Americans may need to worry more about sustainable diets rather than cholesterol. The committee, whose policy contributed to the formation of the food pyramid, released new guidelines insisting that Americans think about the environmental impact of the food they consume.

Pointing to the global production of food as the leading cause of deforestation, loss of endangered species, and a lack of fresh water supply, the panel suggests consuming less processed foods and red meats said health nut Brad Reifler. Apparently, methane produced from cows forms a greenhouse gas that actively changes the climate. In fact, on an annual basis, a cow can out-produce a mid-sized sedan when it comes to greenhouse gases.

Another report from the Natural Resources Defense council claims that up to 40% of U.S. food products are thrown in the trash after being purchased.

Other nations, such as Australia, Brazil, Sweden, and Germany have wasted no time in integrating a sustainable process into their food policies. As certain reports from think tanks like Chatham House in the U.K. have indicated, the world’s population is set to increase their meat consumption by more than 75% in the next 40 years, and dairy consumption will increase by more than 60%.

Only time will tell what happens to the earth as high levels of greenhouse gases, a growing population of humans, and ever-increasing meat consumption continue, but if the studies are correct, a change in diet may be our best bet.

The Guidance of Dr. Daniel Amen

When it comes to increasing brain power I would say that Daniel Amen is the most reliable source for those that want to unlock the powers of the brain. He has written many books that have shown people like myself how to maintain a healthy brain.

I found out about Dr. Daniel Amen while conducting a search for ways to boost energy and increase my own brain power. I was in college, and I really needed to find a way to focus and improve my ability to learn. It was with Dr. Amen that I discovered foods with antioxidants and protein. Through Dr. Amen I learned about what he referred to as “super foods” for the body. There were various lists that were inspired by his findings, and I was combined food choices from several of these lists. It was no interesting to see the correlation between my eating habits and the functionality of my brain. I could not have been happier to find out that I controlled my own destiny in terms of improving my brain power.

From the lists that Dr. Daniel Amen inspired I continued to look for more information on the man that did this research. That is when I discovered his work with the Amen Clinics. I was overjoyed to find that this doctor had written books, such as  as well. When I found that he was an author that gave extensive written information on brain power foods I had to buy one of these books.

The great thing about the Dr. Amen books is that he has a selection to cover a variety of different ailments. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from ADHD or depression. He has a book that spotlights these different issues along with solutions to these problems. I was really fascinated by all the information that he was able to provide. His findings pinpoint easy steps to resolving issues. He has managed to discover simple methods that lots of other doctors have overlooked.

I would say that my favorite in all of his books is “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.” With this book Dr. Amen covers several topics like anger, depression and anxiety. It really has helped me transformed my life because I suffered from all of those things at one point. Amen’s knowledge in these areas is certainly beneficial for anyone that may want to improve their brain capacity.

BRL Trust 101

These days, many people are looking for a high quality investment company that they can trust to utilize their resources in a productive, positive way. If this is your objective, you should learn more about BRL Trust. Here is a brief overview of the Brazilian investment company:

About The Company

BRL Trust is an investment company that was founded in 2005. The company began by providing private loans and trust services. After the completion of their first year in business, the company had already attained over 100 loans. As a result of prudent business decisions and high quality customer service, new business areas began to emerge as company leaders sought expansion and growth. Some of the new business areas included Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Administration and Management of Investment Funds. By employing a team of high quality professionals, BRL Trust has become the largest independently operating administrator of investment funds within Brazil.

BRL Trust: Mission And Values

At BRL Trust, the primary mission is to meet customer demands in a transparent, efficient, safe manner. This mission is accomplished through the company’s employment of an educated, experienced team. The professionals of BRL Trust value ethics in every situation, and they respect the interests of clients as well as the rules and regulations outlined by the national legal system. Two of the company’s characteristics which have resulted in profound success and ongoing growth are discipline and determination. Additionally, the company’s staff possesses extensive technical knowledge and greatly values the development of trust-based relationships that result from mutual transparency.

Services Offered

BRL Trust is pleased to offer clients a wide range of excellent, expedient financial services. Some of these services include:

-Fiduciary Services
-Funds Management
-Funds Custody
-Resource Management
-Asset Underwriting


In this contemporary era, many individuals and corporations are interested in attaining high quality financial services that will help them achieve important personal and professional goals. If you live in Brazil and this is your objective, be sure to consider the services offered by BRL Trust.

Lose Weight with Peppers that Contain Capsaicin

Those seeking a way to lose weight in a healthy and expedient manner should consider consuming peppers that contain capsaicin. This powerful chemical compound has proven effective for weight loss in laboratory mice, in addition to encouraging exercise in mice. This is based on research studies announced at the 2015 Biophysical Society’s convention.

Research scientists fed two groups of mice high-fat diets; one group was fed an additional ingredient of capsaicin and the other was not. Twenty five (25) weeks after the study researchers identified that the mice that were fed capsaicin gained less weight than their counterparts; even though they consumed the same amount of foods and liquids.

The study noted that when mice consumed capsaicin they were more inclined to exercise.

The research results theorizes that if humans eliminate junk food and sugary beverages, and consumed a well-balanced diet with additional ingredients that includes capsaicin (e.g. cayenne pepper, sweet bell peppers and jalapenos), and exercised frequently they will lose a significant amount of weight, according to NNDb.

Other research data supports capasaicin as a weight loss remedy. Advocates claim that the compound helps to accelerate metabolism in conjunction with reducing fat tissue. Also, studies claim capsaicin has the ability to suppress appetite and promote feelings of nutritional content.

When it comes to weight loss capsaicin is making a strong case in research sectors and among proponents as an effective method of trimming fat and slimming down.

The Antique Wine Company: A Rare and Unique Wine Find

The Antique Wine Company is a wine merchant devoted to fine and unusual wines that is based in London, UK. It was founded by Stephen Williams more than 20 years ago and now has above a 20,000-count clientele base in 70 nations around the world. Since the start, the business has specialized in remarkably fine wine and also currently holds above 10,000 bottles of the world’s greatest vintages in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company is known regarding its well cultivated wine choices and fine wine beverages events. Its variety of services includes: acquiring rare wines, privately owned wine master lessons, and wine cellar organization.

Sought After Wine
While maintaining a passion for classic vintages, the company’s product range principally consists of contemporary vintages, which could become classic antique vintages in the future. No matter what vintage, the company simply trades in remarkably fine wine. Globally recognized as experts inside the fine wine market, the AWC’s exclusive services are really sought-after. One sought out service is how the company consistently actively helps wine cellars in châteaux, grand hotels, and private houses worldwide.

Growth in the Wine Industry
In 2013 Antique Wine Company Global PLC grew to be the ultimate business parent company overseeing Antique Wine Company’s regional buying and selling entities. It is engaged in a multi-year program of extension into traditional and also emerging fine wine beverages and spirits market segments around the globe. As a business, Antique Wine Company is exclusively positioned amongst global wine merchants for its long-standing sourcing and strong customer relationships. Its substantial inventory holdings, all maintained an operational structure that enables it to offer the highest level of performance and personalized consumer services.

The Grand Chateau Sequence
Together with case maker Viscount Donald Linley, the Antique Wine Company has created the particular Grand Chateau Sequence. These handcrafted wine beverages cabinets contain 20 bottles from the matching estate, produced through the 20th and 21st centuries.

World Record Wine
In July 2011, the Antique Wine Company broke the world report of the most valuable bottle of wine of white wine beverages ever sold. The particular bottle was a great 1811 Chateau d’Yquem and was marketed for £75, 000 to former sommelier Christian Vanneque. It sold a 135-year vertical collection (containing every vintage coming from 1860 to 2003) for $1 million, one of the biggest prices ever taken care of a single lot of wine beverages.

Infectious Disease Likely to Increase Due to Climate Change

Climate change is a hot topic with people on both sides arguing for and against the effects that changes in our climate will have on the earth’s environment. Now, according to zoologist Daniel Brooks, it’s possible that these changes may bring about a new problem: the increase of infectious disease.

Brooks and co-author Eric Hoberg, another zoologist, have studied the effects of climate change on different ecosystems, focusing specifically on parasites. They warn that infectious outbreaks, such as the West Nile virus and Ebola is a result of climate change and that humans can expect more localized outbreaks in the future.

Haidar Barbouti has read climate change will bring these new illnesses as pathogens find their way into crops and livestock and human exposure becomes more rampant. Changes in habitat due to global warming affect animals’ migration patterns which can spread infectious disease in ways that they didn’t spread before.

Brooks encourages scientists to learn which non-human species carry certain pathogens in addition to developing vaccines. He believes that cooperation between biologists, the veterinary health community and the public will help reduce the risk of infection.

Helping Women With Endometriosis Live Better Lives

Dr. Tamer Seckin, a New York-based and board-certified gynecologist, enjoys international renown for his specialization in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for the treatment of endometriosis. Possessing over 30 years of experience in treating this condition, he also co-founded the Endometriosis Foundation of America. He has dedicated his life to understanding, treating and helping women recover from this painful disease. Dr. Tamer Seckin understands the agonizing and debilitating symptoms of endometriosis and has helped thousands of women to live the life they desire. He believes it is the patient’s right to fully understand all endometriosis treatment options available.

Surgical Treatments Offered by Dr. Tamer Seckin

Surgical treatments are focused upon removing of as much of the affected uterine tissue as possible. Dr. Seckin performs the following surgeries:

  • Excision- This type of surgery removes, or excises, as much endometriosis deposits as possible. Excision surgery helps to decrease pain, remove inflamed tissue and can also increase fertility. The excised tissue is examined by a pathologist to finalize a diagnosis of endometriosis. It also helps to rule out the presence of cancerous growths that can sometimes result from endometriosis.
  • Laparoscopy- Considered to be the most effective treatment for endometriosis, laparoscopic surgery permanently removes all affected and scarred tissue. Less invasive than other forms of surgical intervention, laparoscopy has fewer associated risks, can restore fertility, reinstate the proper functioning of the female genitourinary system and eliminate all symptoms.

Before laparoscopy, many women thought that a hysterectomy was the only way to end their symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Seckin, who has pioneered and refined highly effective surgical techniques, endometriosis surgery patients are now able to resume a pain-free lifestyle without considering the drastic and unnecessary measures of the past.

Sensational and Safer Ways to Consume Protein Daily

Do you eat enough protein daily? There are numerous sources that can be found in both plant base and animal forms. One of the most popular ways to get enough daily protein is by purchasing beef. However, there are safer and healthier ways to get your complete chain of amino acids every day.


There are countless reasons why to consume enough protein day-to-day. For example, did you know that your body needs to repair itself while you are sleeping at night? That is one reason why valuable protein sources should be consumed over less desirable sources, according to many WordPress blogs for fitness experts.  A point that Ricardo Tosto has echoed too.

Without it you may start to lose muscle mass. One of the most important muscles of the human body is the heart. Consequently for the heart to function properly, you need adequate amounts of protein regularly.


Sources of healthy and safer protein can be derived from plants. They include soy, almonds, legumes and green leafy vegetables. There are more than ten basic plant base diets that can help with transitioning into a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, by choosing a plant based diet, you can still reach the recommended amount of protein you need on a daily basis. Other healthier sources include bison and fish. It is important to purchase grass feed beef and fish that have been caught in fresh sources. This can help eliminate any possibility of consuming contaminated beef or fish.