I Only Feed My Faithful Dog Beneful

I have an amazing dog that loves to do things for me, and some of the things that he does unbelievable. My dog wakes me up in the morning before my alarm goes off. If I try to go back to sleep, he’ll jump on the bed and start barking for me to get up. He seems to really know the time, and he’s never late getting me up. When it’s time for me to eat breakfast, he’ll actually run into the kitchen, go under the cupboard, and he’ll take out a box of cereal in his mouth.

I have the small boxes of sample cereals, and he always brings them to me. I think it’s sweet that he does this, even though I don’t like to eat cereal. He’ll even go out and get the newspaper from the doorstep, and he’ll bring it right to me so I can read it. The worst part of my day is leaving him, especially since he whimpers when I walk out the door. He always tries to come with me, no matter what I do. He knows that I have to go to work, but he still insists on coming with me.

It breaks my heart when he’s sad, but how else would I take such good care of him if I didn’t go to work? I love coming home in the evening, especially since he greets me at the door with barking, yelping, and he jumps all over me. When I pick him up to give him a hug, he licks my face, and he just can’t wait to see me. My boyfriend takes care of the dog in the daytime while I work, especially since he works at home. I just really miss my dog when I go to work.

As soon as I get home from work I take the dog for a walk, which is the best part of our day. He can walk pretty far, and he always walks for about an hour each day. After we get back home, he’ll have a meal of Beneful on wikipedia because that’s his favorite food. We’ve tried other dog foods in the past, but they just couldn’t get past his demanding palate. My dog loves Beneful, so I don’t see any reason to feed him anything else.

Another thing my dog loves is the Beneful treats, especially since it’s something that he rarely gets. If I start feeding him treats, he may continue eating them until they are completely gone. I’ve learned to hide the treats from him, and I only give him a couple at a time. When caring for my dog, Beneful is really helpful, especially since it gives him good nutrition in his diet. The ingredients in Beneful are wholesome, and I know it’s made from real foods that my dog loves. As long as my dog is alive, I’ll continue feeding him Beneful.

Lionel Messi Criticized by the Human Rights Foundation

The world’s best player, Lionel Messi is a man under fire. His recent visit to Gabon has made him popular in the newsrooms in the wrong way. Messi, a role model for many young players, and ambassador for UNICEF on youth education, has found himself in unfamiliar territory in the recent past. Newsrooms were not left behind in portraying the Barcelona forward as a man of no morals. His visit raised speculation of exactly what he went for in Gabon. He is said to have promised Ali Bongo, Gabon’s President, to visit his country. It is however not clear if truly the intention to visit Gabon was a political move by the President, or for the benefit of the game.

The Human Rights Foundation is based in the United States. Its primary mission is to promote the right of the oppressed. Human rights organizations are taking center-stage in the modern world. They give a voice to the voiceless and bring to light unfair suffering of people. In many cases, the oppressed have no channel to have their concerns felt. Many dictatorial countries do not entertain the work of human rights organizations as they fear that their cruel actions against the populations may spill out.

The Human Right Foundation has launched unending attacks on LinkedIn at the man that is meant to be supporting the rights of children. Contrary to their expectations, Messi publicly showed support for a dictator whose country is losing many children in unclear circumstances. No investigations are carried out on the matter. However, it was pointed out that, Messi may have engaged with Bongo without doing research on the President’s behavior. His actions have raised questions about what he for in regards to child rights support.

President Ali Bongo took power after the demise of his father, Omar Bongo. Omar led Gabon with a tight grip on power and all public affairs for 42 years. The Bongo family is said to have fleeced Gabon’s oil resources of billions of dollars. President Ali Bongo took leadership in 2009 and has continued in his father’s roots. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening by the day, and the access to fundamental human needs is becoming a problem. Analysts see Messi’s visit as a strategy by President Bongo to seek credibility. The Guardian stated that broadcasting the event live on state television was a tool of internal propaganda. It was meant to show how President Ali was fairing with the outside world. The laymen would be duped to believe that Bongo’s credibility was improving.

To date, Gabon denies paying Messi millions of dollars to visit the country. Consequently, Messi issued a statement denying claims that he had received the millions. However, the main reason as to why the HRF launched attacks on Messi was for “dining with the oppressors.

CCMP Capital Carries On Standards Set By Stephen Murray

Private equity has become a huge industry in the United States. There are now 3,883 private equity firms headquartered in the U.S. that employ over 11.3 million people. These firms invest over 112 billion dollars every quarter in promising business ventures. Private equity firms are often the catalysts for the types of huge growth stories that become darlings of the financial media. Private equity does two major things, which are spur growth and increase performance. Companies that receive private equity investments immediately have enough capital to compete and they’re expected to improve their operational standards. This makes the businesses much stronger overall.

CCMP Capital has followed a philosophy instilled by former CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital since their inception. Murray believed that a sound investment could be made by partnering with current management. He looked for managers who understood the industry they were competing in completely. When CCMP Capital invested, they would not only put the money in, but they would meet with management to determine what the key value driver behind the company’s growth would be. Once they defined it, they would put their resources to work to make the firm grow. More times than not this strategy paid off. Murray was not looking to do hostile takeovers or to battle with other private equity funds for no reason. He believed in smooth transactions with high upside potential. It’s a testament to his record that CCMP Capital is still doing the same sorts of deals.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has stayed within the manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and retail sectors since they began investing in companies. During the years since they’ve been active, they learned to spot investment opportunities at critical junctures in company history. It’s all about timing with private equity deals. The firms can’t afford to overpay for growth or to miss the growth curve entirely. They need to buy in when the sweet spot is exposed. This is not alway hard to spot, which is the reason you now sometimes see more than one private equity firm involved in a deal. If the deal is attractive, more than one firm may be willing to take an active role. If the company goes public, there will be more than enough profits to go around. Pension funds in the United States have learned to rely heavily on returns from private equity funds like CCMP Capital. The ten year annualized return by 2013 for P/E as an asset class was a remarkable 12.5%. This was so far ahead of alternatives, it’s no surprise that the funds keep flowing into these firms. CCMP Capital is an established leader that has proven that the strategy established by Stephen Murray is timeless. They continue to do extremely well.

Beneful Is A Brand That Can Be Trusted

What is the number one thing that any pet owner can to do to make sure that their pet stays healthy? What can they do to reassure themselves that they are doing all that they can for their pet, and what can they do to reassure themselves that they are a good pet owner? Well, the biggest thing that will keep a pet healthy is making sure that he or she stays on a healthy diet. How does one keep a pet on a healthy diet? It all starts with the brand of food that is fed to that pet.

Some brands care about the health of the animals that they are making food for. Some brands try to put only healthy ingredients into all of the different products that they make, while others don’t pay any attention to what is thrown into their pet food. There are big differences between each brand of pet food that is put on the shelf, and it is wise of any pet owner to check each brand out carefully. One can not be too cautious when it comes to the life and health of their pet.

One brand that everyone can trust when it comes to feeding their pets is Beneful. This brand loves pets and cares for them in every way. Not only does Beneful put healthy ingredients into the food that it makes, but this brand also makes sure that the quality is up to par, as well. If they feel that any of the ingredients that they were about to put into their food is not quality, then they will scrap it. They are not about to give pet owners food that is anything but great for their pets’ health.

It is so good for pet owners to be able to know that a brand like that exists. There is a brand that loves pets and that is willing to do all that they can for pets’ health. Pet owners can purchase from Beneful with a smile on their faces, because they can know that when they feed that food to their pet, that their pet will grow healthier than ever before.

Spinal Pain can be Conquered

News on 6 has talked about how the Spinal Clinics in America have dedicated doctors specifically in the field for the treatment of spinal, neck and back pain. The compressing of nerves causes excruciating pain and will stop a person in their tracks.

There are research teams for bone health, designing new and improved spinal procedures and engineers that specialize in developing the instruments for the surgeons use.

Doctors who specialize in spinal injuries or degenerative diseases have expanded the care for the elderly that may not be able to withstand the rigors of surgery. These remarkable doctors are turning over every stone that relates to the patients well being. The numbers are a staggering 80% of adult Americans will suffer with lumbar back pain.

There are real Bone Research Teams that are screening the patients’ bone density.
The doctors are taking into account other maladies the patient has, such as, Type II Diabetes, brittle bones due to bad eating habits, why the system doesn’t absorb the nutrients it needs to strengthen their bones and a host of other issues.

Different techniques are used by spinal centers across the country. Some of them have embraced the technology of using the method of minimal invasive tubular retraction or MITR.

Most procedures can be performed during an outpatient visit and easily get a thumb up to the doctor. These patients suffer from an irritated nerve root that exits the spine, down the legs, calves and to the foot and is called radicular pain. The slipped disk or herniated nucleosus pulposus or HNP is painful because it has moved out of place or painful stenosis.

The patients are awarded with a 90 % or 95% of the symptoms being reduced.

North American Spine doctors will give the patient a thorough exam to see if the symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by changes in lifestyle, medications, physical therapy or pain management.

The staffs’ orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons and the Interventional pain specialists work as a well-oiled team to ensure the patient is directed toward the correct procedure and treatment.

There is absolutely no need to suffer lower and upper back and neck pain.

North American Spine has a minimal invasive method called the AccuraScope or the SecuraSpine Procedure. The natural opening at the base of the spine gives the doctor access the spinal canal. The physician guides the instrument through the small incision at the lumbar spine that can be covered with a band-aid.

The pain that causes people to yell and scream comes from compromised discs, compressed nerves from the spinal canal being narrow, traumatic incidents and picking up heavy objects incorrectly. There are diseases that infect the spine where the AccuraScope can be used to end the debilitating pain. This procedure can eliminate other problems during surgery and allows for a quick recovery. There is very little risk of damaging blood vessels, bones and muscles, less pain than in house surgery at the hospital. Loss of wages and depending on someone to help a person dress for the day will end from the use of minimally invasive surgery by the North American Spine Center.

These state-of-the-art instruments that are used today can return a patient to their daily activities within a short amount of time.

How to Breeze Through Investment Banking Job Interviews

The President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, already had an established background in finance and investment banking before he got into the field. Even then, he realized that he got through interviews not purely on the basis of his intellect but because of certain personal characteristics and people skills.

Investment banking interviews are not as difficult as they are made out to be because of one thing – applicants tend to get stressed and forget the golden rules of sitting through a great interview. In the following points, applicants would learn about tips for investment banking job interviews –

Positive Attitude Plus Technical Skills Will Get You The Job – The fact is these people would be spending close to 15 hours every day with the candidate and as such, they want someone who is pleasant to be around. It is something as simple as a nice personality (being flexible, polite and professional) that seals the deal. To further cement their position, candidates need to be technically strong. It is not about answering all the questions correctly at all and most candidates get this wrong.

Show Humility – Overconfidence is the biggest deal breaker in the industry of investment banking. A lot of candidates appear as if they think they know more than the interviewers and that can sour the results. While answering, it is best to keep it short and simple. If any details are needed, the interviewer usually asks for it. It is also not prudent to interrupt the interviewer at any time.

Be Confident – Showing humility doesn’t mean that candidates need to shiver during the entire process. It is important to maintain a balance. Candidates need to show that they are confident but not arrogant – that is, they are sure about the topics they are answering. The best way to show casual confidence and keeping it in line is by simply offering a smile. James Dondero, for instance, believes that smiling can help to keep the interview atmosphere light and show that the candidate is calm and collected.

Remember the 4 Ws – Every candidate should prepare succinct answers to the 4 Ws – Why they should choose the candidate, why this region, why this firm, and why the industry of investment banking. The answers to all these questions should be under three minutes and not more.

Eventually, after gaining enough experience in the field, James Dondero started his own company – Highland Capital Management – and that was only because he worked at the right places. In order to get the right job, candidates have to get through the interview first and following the above the tips would help with that immensely.

Choosing Healthy Dog Food

Your dog typically eats one kind of food and that makes up the majority of their diet. Because of this, the food you choose for your dog should be high quality and should contain all of the vital nutrients and vitamins necessary to thrive that you can found in Beneful on wikipedia. It can be a daunting task to read through pet food labels, especially if you are unsure what some of the ingredients are.

Protein is just as essential to dogs as it is to humans. Protein provides energy and it is necessary for many of your dog’s bodily functions. Unfortunately, the USDA does not regulate the ingredients that go into dog food. Because of this, the protein in your pet’s food could be coming from chicken feet or leftover meat byproducts. You will want to find a dog food that has protein from high quality sources.

The Name
There are regulations that determine how a product can be marketed. If a product says that it is chicken-based then it has to be made up of at least ninety-five percent chicken. Be wary of what kind of chicken it is though. The same goes for beef or pork. Usually, the poor quality foods market themselves a bit differently. Instead of being labeled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ you might see ‘entrée’ or ‘tidbits’. The ‘fluffy’ names are usually covering up low quality ingredients.

Ingredient List
On a dog food package the list of ingredients included must be written in order of prevalence in the product. That means the first few ingredients listed are what makes up the majority of the food. You will want these ingredients to be real meat, real vegetables. Stay away from foods that have fillers or grains as their first ingredient.

Wet Versus Dry Food
While it is more convenient to feed your dog dry food, canned, wet dog food is actually fresher and made up of higher quality ingredients. Many food brands, such as Beneful, will offer a variety of products that you can use in conjunction with one another. You can use a wet food and then compliment it with dry food as well. This ensures your dog is getting a large variety of vitamins and nutrients. Certain dogs respond better to wet food while others digest dry food better. Sometimes it is more about trial and error when looking for an adequate food source for your dog.

While you would hope that dog food brands are all created equal, this is not the case. Some brands are simply designed to make sales and a dog’s health just is not a priority. What you want, as a pet owner, is give your beloved animal everything he or she needs in order to be happy and healthy. This ensures your pet will live a long life free of health concerns or issues. If you are still in need of guidance after doing some research, you can contact your veterinarian for assistance with finding a high quality food.

Pet Owners Need To Get Their Dogs Eating Right With Good Dog Food

There are all kinds of pet owners out there in the world. There are the kind of pet owners who have a bunch of animals roaming their place, and there are the kind of pet owners who just have one, perfect dog. There are the kind of pet owners who will give their pets anything to eat, and then there are the kind of pet owners who take the job of feeding their pets very seriously. The people who worry about what food their dogs are eating are the people that other pet owners should be looking up to as good examples. It might not seem like it matters too much what goes into a dogs mouth, but it really does. The proper dog food can make all of the difference for the health of a dog.
People need to get more with it and focus their energies on finding the right brand of food for their dog or dogs. They can’t just expect every brand to give them food that will keep their dog healthy, but instead, they need to do something about it to make that happen. There are some good brands of dog food available to dog owners, they just need to get out there to find them.
One of the best dog food brands is Samsclub Beneful. This brand puts quality ingredients into the food that it makes. This brand tries hard to give owners food that they would almost be willing to eat themselves. This brand is all about the pets that they serve, and that is why they put so much care into the food that they make. When a brand loves animals this much any owner can feel great purchasing a product from them. They can know that Beneful has their animal’s best interests in mind, and that any food that is put out from them is going to be great for their dog’s health.
Every dog owner needs to start taking their dog’s health more seriously. They need to get out there and find a good brand of dog food to purchase, so that their dog can get started eating right

Dr. Daniel Amen Incorporates Nutrition in His Psychiatric Practice

Award winning American Psychiatrist and author, Dr. Daniel Amen, believes proper brain functioning is essential to all health and success. Moreover, his most prominent endeavor involved the creation of Amen Clinics, which is the largest global medical organization who evaluate brain in relation to behavior. With locations in California, Georgia, New York, Virginia, and Washington, these highly regarded clinics have performed many informative scans on patients from all over the world. Notably, Amen Clinics’ renowned and publicized success has greatly influenced Dr. Amen’s recognition as the most popular and influential Psychiatrist in America.

Dr. Amen received his medical degree from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine and currently specializes in General Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Neuropsychiatry, and Integrative Psychiatry. With over thirty-two years of practical Psychiatric Practice, Dr. Amen has held many leadership positions including an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at The University of California and a distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. His unparallel success as a double board certified Psychiatrist encouraged him to write nine New York Times best-selling books. Some of his most popular books are “Healing ADD,” “Use Your Brain to Change Your Age,” Making a Good Brain Great,” and “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body.” He is also the author and co-author of sixty professional articles and seven informative book chapters. Amen often depicts information about his books on his popular public television shows concerning the brain. You can see some of his best excerpts from the books through tweets.

Dr. Amen is gaining national attention as the leading advocate of an extremely effective nutrient-rich diet to treat common psychiatric aliments such as depression and ADD, and recently partnered with Pastor Rich Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman to write, “The Daniel Plan.” This well-researched book outlines a fifty-two week intensive program specifically targeted to motivating religious organizations through healthy eating habits. The three authors’ goal was to encourage many people to live more productive and fulfilling lives with a healthy diet.

In order to obtain the best results with the rigorous eating plan, Dr. Amen recommends daily vitamin and dietary supplements, many of which are depicted on his website. Some of his suggested supplements have a number of health benefits such as preventing Alzheimer’s disease and lowering blood pressure. Most are great for targeting specific substance deficiencies. Moreover, the successful development of highly effective supplements has greatly contributed to Dr. Amen’s title as the most influential health expert and advocate.

The Healthy Brain: No Gimmicks

You control the health of your brain. Daniel Amen, a highly respected neurologist created an innovative and sensible way to effectively protect your brain and foster its well-being. Dr. Amen specializes in neurological disorders. In fact, he is the National Football League’s consultant for complications that result after concussions. He is accredited by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Amen teamed up with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hayman to create the Daniel Plan, which focuses on the firm belief that the quality of your food has everything to do with how your brain functions. The Daniel Plan is simple. There are no gimmicks. It focuses on eating what God, your Creator intended you to eat, which is food that is good for your body. The foundation is pro-active and based on Biblical ideals: goodness and plenitude not denial. To make this a permanent lifestyle, you will need friends with the same goal. It is always easier to succeed with communal support, especially when it comes to things as mundane as the food you put in your mouth. You must be with people who will support you. For example, instead of getting together in a bar with friends after work, you should meet in a place where you can have nutritious alternatives that you like.

Brain health is crucial. It influences all your decisions. Dr. Amen recommends eliminating bad stuff like artificial ingredients and preservatives, refined sugar, processed flour, canned goods and cold cuts which often contain high amounts of sodium, candy bars and pastries that are full of simple carbohydrates which cloud your brain.

The first thing he advises is drinking ten cups of water daily. This may seem excessive, but it’s actually the amount your brain needs for normal activity. Fresh vegetables and fruits are necessary. They contain anti-oxidants that retard cognitive deterioration. A daily intake of more than five cups of vegetables and fruits is sufficient. There are endless arrays of delicious vegetables and fruits. You can eat raw spinach, red and green pepper, kale, tomatoes and chard. You can steam or bake and season broccoli, zucchini, yams, squash and beans. You will have no difficulty finding fruits to consume.

The Daniel Plan also emphasizes eating seafood which is full of neurons that promote brain health. You need protein from lean meats like beef and poultry. Remember that the right balance is key.